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Interesting Internet Links
The following links are places that you can visit. These sites are educational of nature, and will help you broaden your understanding of science.

Ms LaLuna's Portal

ICP Links
  • Luna Pic, Graphic editor

    This is where you can create your acrostic and other really nice posters and pictures. Remember to save your work in a jpg format for future printing.

  • Chapter 4 Review Power Point

    this is the power point that was shown in class 10-25-2011.

  • Textbook Support

    This is the link that will provide you with practice test and supplimental material connected to your textbook.

  • Quiz Star Tutorial

    This is where you can access intructions for logging on to the Online Quiz portal for ICP.

  • Quiz Star
    This is where you can go to register for your appropriate class. After you do, you will be able to take assigned quizzes, tests, and more!
  • Planet Diary

    "What In The World?" Planet Diary is an interactive site that will show you what is going on in the world on a daily basis.

  • Sci-Links
    Explore more Science Links here
  • Properties of Matter Links

    Publlished articles about properties of matter.

  • ICP Textbook Portal
    Here you can explore chapter by chapter of your textbook in your own home, or at a friends house. If you have access to a computer, then you can have access to your textbook. Here there are even more supplimental study guides that your textbook does not have.
  • Careers in Chemistry

    Careers in Chemistry

  • Homework Helper

    This site is a Homework Helper page.

  • TweenTribune

    Tween Tribune is a place where you can read about the world around you and blog your take on the world.

Links about the Elements

ECP links

Science Spot

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